Be it moving of house, office and disposal service, Movers like Soon Seng Transport will be at your service. Soon seng Transport ( Best Professional Mover in Singapore) Mover with warehouse facilities in Singapore. Soon Seng Mover offers full service moving packages for office mover, home mover and industrial mover at affordable rates. Get a free instant quotation now! Singapore Best Mover in all office mover, movers and all moving project. Call us at +6563684988 for free quote onsite Planning to move your Commercial Office? choose SOON SENG TRANSPORT . We take our services to a whole new level with a comprehensive range that offers you a peace of mind. Moving House?  Choose us Soon Seng Transport and let us handle your moving needs and make your relocation moving experience easier.


Professional Mover has been a key service needed in Singapore. As times goes by, Singapore mover is no longer just a house mover, office mover or commercial mover. Mover Singapore is now transform and evolve into a full service mover acting not just as a mover and packer but also storage and disposal service provider.

Soon Seng Transport Service has been in mover business since 1990, office location at 1 Colombo court. Over the years, we had expanded and relocated to the current address, Hillview Terrace that is an office with warehousing facility.

Having our own warehouse, we now provide a safer and more secure storage facility with 24-hour security guard on duty. Hence, become a true blue Full Service mover with storage and disposal at your service.

With these warehouse storage facility, and constantly training our local mover and packer, we had become one of the most reliable and efficient professional mover in town.


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