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Office mover vs House mover in Singapore

Difference between Office mover and house mover
Many have the question what is the different between house moving and office moving project. Today let us share with all the main differences :
Office mover is a commercial moving services, when planning for the relocation of office, movers need to meet up with businesses to discuss what items to move and what to dispose. After the meeting, we need to schedule a date for the move with the approval of the building management both new and old location.
During actual day of move, if it does not include IT infrastructure Mover service, the project will be complete within the day with packing and unpacking for the clients.
House mover will be more simple as it dealing between house owner and movers, mover company provide boxes, house owner will pack their belonging and furnitures. Actual day of move, house movers will be start the relocating service normally in the morning and finish the move within 8 hours. We also need to take note that the move timing also depend on size of the house accordingly.
Hope this short information will be useful for all people engaging movers.