Here at Soon Seng Transport , we take our movers services to a whole new level with a comprehensive range that offers the client peace of mind in every aspect of their relocation. We bundle our premium relocation package with value added services to make sure that the client’s every special need is taken care.

Residential Mover

When it comes to move home, whether you are moving one item or an entire house, Soon Seng mover has the experienced movers to provide reliable and efficient service to make your house relocation a stress free experience. Our well-trained movers and packers are trained to pack and move your belongings, including dismantling and re-assembling of bulky furniture, antique to your new home.

Being a house owner, you do play a packer role of packing and unpacking of items into carton boxes. As a professional mover company, we provide packer assistance services to ensure safe, efficient, hassle-free for your house relocation event. Our skilled packers ensure that your belongings will be carefully and safely pack with protective material such as carton, tape, bubble wrap, paper and other packing material.

All the boxes will be labeled clearly, these ensure the boxes will be situated appropriately in their new location. Unpacking service can be provided if you prefer to let our movers and packers do all the work.

Contact our sales consultant for a site survey at your home with customized moving plans and rates for your needs and requirements

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Commercial mover | Office mover Professional Moving Solution

Soon Seng Professional Mover is the  best commercial and office mover. We do not provide cheapest mover solution but the most professional moving solution. We customised  movers service with specialised equipment for safe, compactors, systems furniture and other heavy machinery, which require a high level of knowledge and experience to plan and complete the event.

During the office relocation, document, computers, phones will be inaccessible. Our experienced  supervisors will plan and supervise   to handle with immense responsibility as the process may disturb the regular productivity and workflow. The entire office relocation process requires careful planning and includes various basic activities to be arranged to ensure a smooth execution.

Moving Office involve a lot of planning and using of a trusted Professional Office Mover in Singapore. There are many Office Movers in Singapore that claim that they are able to provide one stop service but they do not have the capability. We Soon Seng Transport Mover have the capability as we have full our own transport lorry, warehouse storage and most important highly skilled trained movers for Office, House, Commercial and Residential.

Office Mover Step by Step.

1) Call an Professional Mover Company for onsite inspection.

2) Go through the moving inventory and schedule with the Mover Company.

3) Selection of the Best mover company.

4) Offering of contract.

5) Packing of office items to be relocated.

6) Inventory check and double confirm with the Professional Office Mover the inventory lists.

7) Mover start the relocation from old office to new office.

8) Mover done moving, clients check mover relocation result.

9) Clients acceptance sign and approved.

10) Office Mover job done.

soonseng office mover

soonseng commercial mover

office movers

office mover

Office mover happy Clients

Mover on the move

commercial mover

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Piano, Organ & Safe Mover

In the market, there are many Organ and Piano moving company claim that they are professional Organ and piano mover but can they deliver what they promise?

Organ and Piano are fragile and needs extra care and you need to team up with a group of professional packers to make sure the relocation of the piano will be safe and sound.

Firstly, packers need to make sure that all edges of the piano are being cover with form to protect the edges.

Secondly, to protect piano’s mechanism and outer casing from damage during the relocation, our  team make sure there is enough manpower for the job and they are also armed with the right tool and equipment for the different type and sizes of Piano.

As a our  dedication and professionalism we take special care on the mechanical locking device for old vintage Safe and for the modern days safe or electronic digital safe on the digital number panel. This ensure the safe is functional once delivered to designated location.

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Storage & Disposal

Warehousing is the main key factor to provide a storage service.  Our office relocated  from 1 Colombo court to Hillview Terrence, Soon Seng had become a full solution mover having storage facilities with 24-hour security guard on duty. With these, we safeguard our clients belonging with care and security, putting their mind at ease.

Most Importantly is our storage service is with long and short term storage option and with our own warehouse, our clients do not need to worry about lease expiration and your belonging force to be moved.

Our Disposal Service is equipped with a team of movers and packers. Everything to be disposed will be pack properly by the packers and movers will load it up to the disposal vehicle and all unwanted items will be throw away at the proper disposal site.

The definition of “Disposal” is throwing away unwanted product like furniture, clothing, electrical appliance and office equipment not forgetting rubbish. All the items list need proper disposal if not it will violate NEA regulation and get fine.


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