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Collection of boxes

Aug 13, 2011 by C. Sandra

Good day Soon Seng Transport,

We have almost finished unpacking. I haven\'t exactly counted the boxes but I think we have got less than
10 that we may want to keep. Anyway, you can send your staff to collect them Monday onwards
anytime between 10am-6pm.

Thank you for your excellent services again.
Best regards

Request for quote to move from big orange self storage to Yung An road

Apr 17, 2011 by Slurppy

Hello Soon Seng Transport,

Hope your morning have been going well.
I wish to express my heartfelt apprectiation on the professional service we have received last
Sunday, 17 April 2011.
My sister and her husband were very impressed by your movers\' dedication in coordinating the
move of their items from the warehouse to their new renovated house.
specially quote from my sister\'s husband - the movers were very on time and very careful with
their items. Very professional!!!

Thank you I will be passing your contact on to my office manager for future use.

Best regards,

soonseng-transport , USA 4.9 5.0 17 17 I would like to thank soonseng for helping us in our moving. I recommend this company. Our experience is smooth with their services. Goodluck to you all and continue to do good ser