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Benefits of Storage Facilities

Benefits of Storage Facilities

You may have been considering buying a storage unit for a variety of reasons, but you might not be fully aware of all the advantages of self-storage. You might reside in a more compact area, which, while cosy, can occasionally feel slightly claustrophobic. You might need a location to put your belongings while you unpack if you’re moving. The stress that cluttered belongings can create can be avoided by keeping them in self-storage containers.

The advantages of storage might vary based on what you want to use the space for. There are numerous self-storage options available to fulfil your needs, including commercial and personal storage, wine storage, climate-controlled self-storage, and RV and boat storage. Regardless of how big or small the items you intend to store are, a self-storage unit will keep them secure and undamaged for however long you require. Let’s go over a few of the most well-known advantages of storage facilities:


1. Security

Your possessions are priceless, and some of them might be expensive to replace. Others are sentimentally significant to people of all ages. The comfort that comes from knowing they are secure is something you deserve.

A secured storage facility is an affordable method to keep your property safe if your home is out of storage space. A more stress-free lifestyle can be facilitated by inexpensively adding square footage to your living space. If the vertical space in a storage area is used well, even a tiny one can accommodate more items than you might anticipate.

Be mindful of the fact that a lot can go wrong during a protracted absence while arranging a prolonged trip. Although burglaries are rare, an extended absence makes an appealing target for a thief. Damage from fire, lightning, wood rot, and water exposure are more frequent, and if you’re not home to deal with them, they can turn into a costly tragedy. 

Your belongings are protected from these risks by a professional storage facility’s top-notch security measures, which include burglar-proof doors and locks in addition to surveillance cameras and electronic entry. Additionally, safety measures are integrated into the building to put out fires, stop their rapid spread, and stop water infiltration from heavy rain.

Items in storage are typically not covered by house insurance policies. If you want to secure your possessions in the unlikely case of damage or loss, think about a facility that offers insurance packages. Monthly premiums might be as low as $3.


2. Convenient

Many self-storage facilities provide access at all times. Each client protects his or her apartment with a padlock and keeps the key, and the building has an admission code. This enables you to access your belongings at any time, even if your only available time is in the wee hours or early morning. The majority of facilities rent storage units on a month-to-month basis, therefore contracts for them are typically flexible. When you no longer require the storage facility, you can normally stop your rental agreement with a few days’ or weeks’ notice.

The option of air-conditioned units may be available at self-storage facilities if any property is particularly sensitive to sudden changes in temperature. Alternatively, a client may also select to rent a unit without climate control. You can make a reservation for a unit by phone, online, or by email, pay a deposit, and manage your rental online at some facilities if they have a website with a client portal. In addition to selling retail locks, boxes, and other packing supplies, facilities frequently offer dollies and other moving tools.


3. Space-saving

Even those who are content in modest housing situations could discover that their goods outgrow the allotted space. Every collection and lifestyle has a solution that may be found in professional self-storage facilities. Typically, storage units are closet-sized, have conventional doors, and measure no more than five feet by five feet for a total area of 25 square feet.

If you think this is insignificant, keep in mind the vertical clearance. 200 cubic feet are available when there are eight feet of vertical clearance. When stacked to the ceiling, several boxes, totes, or other modular packing containers can fit inside a closet. Just be cautious since when storing modular containers in this manner, it may be difficult to retrieve objects in the back of the unit.

If a closet-sized unit is too small for you, you might be able to find storage lockers for even less money. The sizes of the units scale up and up from the locker and closet sizes, from walk-in closets to sheds with bigger doors if you want to store bulkier objects to garages big enough to park a car, boat, or even a helicopter. If you wish to keep a car or other motorised vehicle, be sure to check the facility’s policies and accessibility.

Scalability is an added feature of self-storage. You can virtually always upgrade to a larger unit if you discover that you need additional space, sometimes with the simple press of a button. If your unit is too big for your needs, you may always downsize to a smaller one.

There might be a size-estimating web app or web tool on the facility’s website that lets you enter some information about your belongings. You might enter information such as how many rooms you are vacating, how many boxes you need to store, and so forth. You may receive a price estimate from the online app and choose extras like climate-controlled storage.


4. Cost-saving

Long-term expenses can be reduced by self-storage. With fewer square feet and no need for living facilities, a self-storage unit is a bargain in comparison to renting a second apartment or locating and moving into a larger home. The rate per square foot might be comparable to or even greater than an apartment or rental house.

It may be worthwhile to terminate your lease or sublet your property to another tenant if you anticipate being away from your hometown for a lengthy period of time. At that point, your things can be stored in a self-contained unit. In this method, you just need to pay a little amount for self-storage rather than having to make a full rent or mortgage payment on a house you aren’t even living in.


5. Provides temporary storage solution

The majority of housing agreements are annual leases or long-term mortgages. The majority of self-storage fees, in contrast, are month-to-month and cancelable with only short notice. This is beneficial in a variety of situations. A family may want to move, but there may come a time when they must vacate the old home while the new one is still under construction.

In addition to finding temporary housing for themselves, they must temporarily store their stuff. Moving belongings into storage during home renovations may be necessary to provide contractors access to the property and to safeguard belongings from harm. Additionally, it could be a good idea to temporarily store belongings while on the road to minimise theft, damage from unattended accidents, and other risks that are typical of abandoned homes.



At Soon Seng Transport & Movers, we provide a wide range of services including, residential and commercial moving, large object (piano, organ, safe, etc.) moving, as well as storage and disposal services for our clients. In our storage facility at Hillview Terrace, we offer both long-term and short-term storage services. Put your mind at ease knowing that your belongings are safe and secure in our warehouse, which has 24-hour security. Contact us today to know more about our storage service.

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