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Essential tips for newlyweds moving in together

Congratulations on your marriage, and welcome to married life! You’ve probably realised by now that this is the real deal – your life together has already begun, and there’s no going back. But, without question, the prospect of sharing a home with the person you adore must be thrilling.

However, as newlyweds moving in together for the first time, the pleasant prospect of spending the rest of your lives with another person may be a little frightening at first. So, whether you’re moving into your apartment or house, your spouse’s home, or a different place, make sure you follow our six essential recommendations for newlyweds moving in together for a smooth and successful start.


1. Don’t procrastinate

It’s time to turn your attention away from the wedding and toward your upcoming move into your new house. The first thing you should do is begin preparing for the move as soon as possible. The sooner you mark your moving activities as completed, the less stress you’ll have on moving day.

Begin by taking a comprehensive inventory of your shared possessions – each of you can write a separate list of household items, which you can then compare and eliminate any duplicate items you will not need. Remember to count the wedding gifts as well; if you haven’t opened them yet, you should keep them in their original packaging for a higher chance of surviving while in transportation.

If you’re undecided about bringing certain items with you or leaving them behind, you can take an emotional break for a few days and then return to the items in question with a fresh perspective. Also, to help you arrange your time effectively, establish a week-by-week relocation calendar.


2. Hire a professional moving company

As you have been involved in wedding planning, you should be able to maintain organisational structure in a chaotic situation. Nonetheless, in the conditions, hiring reputable professional movers to assist you with your relocation will most likely be the best decision for you because of three primary reasons:

a) Experience

Most movers are well-trained to handle any type of possessions found in a home, including awkwardly shaped, bulky, and heavy items like furniture (beds, dressers, tables, sofas, bookshelves, and so on), kitchen appliances (refrigerators, ovens, stoves, cookers, and so on), and others. Experience isn’t something you can get suddenly; it takes years to hone your talents at a particular task.

b) Efficiency

Professional movers are recognised for their lightning quickness when it comes to moving. Of course, they are proud of their efficiency level, which is based not just on speed but also on the quality of their work. Despite their busy schedules, especially during the summer, they manage to work around the clock and save you time in the end.

c) Safety

The decision to employ professional movers ensures the safety of you and your family, as well as the security of your belongings. Licensed moving firms are legally insured, and if anything unpleasant occurs to your household items while they are being carried will be dealed with on a case-by-case basis, provided that they also complete the packing. Make sure to inquire about the various types of valuations with your moving company to acquire the best insurance for your valuables.

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3. Have money talks

The proper management of the family budget is a necessary component of a successful shared life for newlywed couples, and it’s often seen as the thin red line between marital bliss and domestic strife.

Therefore, before the bills start stacking up, get down with your spouse and plan your budget. Then, decide who will be the financial manager based on who has mastered more prowess for preventing the financing from running out, not on who got better math grades in school.


4. Consider renting a self-storage space

Self-storage can be a fantastic benefit for newlyweds moving in together if used wisely. It’s like having access to an extra secure room where they can store any household products they don’t need right now but will need in the near future. In addition, self-storage is a practical alternative for anyone during a transition, such as a newlywed couple set to begin their life together in their own home.

On the other hand, using a self-storage facility could be disastrous if the decision to rent one has not been well considered. “Do I truly need that extra space for my things?” is the first question you should ask yourself. If unsure, go through your belongings individually and reduce their quantity by selling or giving away functional items to friends or charity and throwing away any unnecessary things you don’t and won’t need. Then, consult your partner, double-check your family budget, and do the numbers because self-storage may quickly become a significant financial drain if not appropriately handled.


5. Compromise, compromise, compromise

It is evident that once the wedding is over and both spouses begin living together, certain changes will occur – not only in their respective lifestyles but also in their surroundings, particularly for newlyweds moving to another state. And the key to avoiding any unpleasant surprises is to use those changes to your advantage by being positive and believing that things will only get better.

Remember that moving in with your spouse is a huge commitment, and sharing a living space is one of the many things you’ll be doing together. Yes, shared space can be wonderful unless it crosses the line into romantic reason and causes one of the half to feel suffocated. Everyone requires personal space, so try to understand if your loved one suddenly establishes their private zone in the home.

Furthermore, sharing a home with another person may result in periodic clashes of decorating tastes. Quarrelling about how your shared living space should be decorated could be a hint of trouble, not to mention that it’s considered juvenile and sometimes pointless. So, instead of debating whether or not to keep that old sofa, demonstrate your ingenuity by refurbishing it or improve your problem-solving skills by getting rid of it and buying a new one. You will only be able to establish a coherent look and feel for your new apartment or house through certain compromises and peaceful reasoning.


6. Communication is key

Maintaining open communication with your romantic partner is the key to an excellent long-term relationship. Just ask your therapist, and they will confirm this. Your therapist may also point out that suppressing your thoughts and feelings and not expressing them is a surefire way to end up in a head-on collision later on.

Be open and honest with your partner about everything, from major life decisions (such as whether or not to have a child) to minor but significant difficulties (what should be cooked for dinner). Keeping important information to yourself is the first step toward erecting a barrier between you and your long-term spouse (not to mention selfish!), so don’t do it.



You’ve tied the knot, and you deserve hearty congratulations. It’s now time to toast the start of your new life together. Remember the aforementioned moving-in suggestions for newlyweds, spend quality time together, and be prepared to make compromises and minor adjustments to each other and the new surroundings.

Above all, have a good time and contact us before you start relocating!

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