How To Dispose Furniture In HDB

How To Dispose Furniture In HDB?

Embarking on a new chapter in your life by moving to a new home is an exciting journey. However, it often involves the challenge of parting ways with old furniture that may not suit the new space or needs replacement. In HDB flats, efficient furniture disposal is key to maintaining a clean and organised living environment. In this article, we will delve into the best practices for disposing of furniture in HDB.


1. Assessment and Planning

Before diving into the furniture disposal process, it’s crucial to assess the condition of the furniture. Determine if it can be repurposed, sold, donated, or if disposal is the only option. This step is essential to make informed decisions about the fate of each item and to streamline the disposal process. Additionally, taking measurements of the furniture ensures that the items can be easily transported through doorways, elevators, and other tight spaces.


2. Check HDB Guidelines

Understanding and adhering to HDB guidelines is paramount. HDB has specific rules in place for the disposal of bulky items, and residents must comply to maintain a clean and harmonious living environment. Being aware of designated disposal areas and collection schedules helps residents avoid penalties and ensures a smooth disposal process that aligns with community standards. Or, you can engage the professionals to avoid all of this hassle.


3. Engage Professional Movers 

Hiring a professional moving company like Soon Seng Transport can significantly simplify the furniture disposal process. These experts possess the necessary skills, knowledge and equipment to handle large items, ensuring the safety of both the residents and the furniture. By entrusting the task to professionals, residents can minimise disruptions to their daily lives and focus on other aspects of their move or home improvement. 


4. Engage in the HDB Bulk Removal Service (Optional)

HDB usually offers a convenient bulk waste removal service for residents dealing with larger items, such as furniture. To avail of this service, you can submit an online request through the official HDB website or contact your local town council. However, keep in mind that this service may incur charges, with fees dependent on the type and quantity of items.


5. Scheduling Disposal Services

Coordinating with Soon Seng Transport for the furniture disposal process is crucial. By scheduling a convenient time, residents can ensure that the process is efficient and causes minimal disruption to their neighbours. Professional movers can handle the removal and disposal of furniture in accordance with HDB regulations, maintaining cleanliness and orderliness throughout the process.


6. Documentation and Clearance

Keeping documentation related to the disposal process is a practical step. Receipts or certificates of donation, for example, can be useful for future reference or if requested by HDB authorities. Having proper documentation ensures that residents have a record of their responsible disposal actions and can provide evidence if needed


Temporary Storage

In cases where residents are in the process of moving or renovating and in need of storing their stuff, Soon Seng Transport does provide storage solution for it. This allows residents to plan their furniture removal efficiently, making it easier to dispose of items gradually without overwhelming their living space.



Efficient and responsible furniture disposal in HDB estates is achievable through a combination of informed decision-making and professional assistance from professional movers like Soon Seng Transport. By following the outlined steps and leveraging their expertise, residents can navigate the furniture disposal process seamlessly while minimising the disruption of daily lives and focus on other aspects.

Ready to make your furniture disposal a breeze? Follow our steps and trust Soon Seng Transport for expert help. Contact us now to simplify your move/disposal and minimise disruptions!

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