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Mover-Home, House, Office, Commercial

Mover services in Singapore have a lot of selection and we always asked, “How to select or engage the Right Professional Mover Company?”.
Here are some tips from us:
1) Search the Internet and ask around for feedback before shortlisting at least 3 Movers to call or do enquires.
2) Arrange the shortlisted Movers to do onsite viewing( Normally free). Please make sure is one mover at a time.
3) Interview and request for mover profile and experience via face to face, email as well over the phone.
4) All selected movers will submit their quotation via email and you should then decide which mover to engage for your moving project.
5) Make sure you list out all the condition you have before the mover start to plan and move your Home, House, Office or Factory.
6) The Professional mover will then be the one accepting your term and condition. Remember only select the mover with the right professionalism for the job.
This is a short information on how you should plan and select mover for a professional movers project.
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