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Piano, Organ & Safe Mover

In the market, there are many Organ and Piano moving company claim that they are professional Organ and piano mover but can they deliver what they promise?

Organ and Piano are fragile and needs extra care and you need to team up with a group of professional packers to make sure the relocation of the piano will be safe and sound.

Firstly, packers need to make sure that all edges of the piano are being cover with form to protect the edges.

Secondly, to protect piano’s mechanism and outer casing from damage during the relocation, our  team make sure there is enough manpower for the job and they are also armed with the right tool and equipment for the different type and sizes of Piano.

As a our  dedication and professionalism we take special care on the mechanical locking device for old vintage Safe and for the modern days safe or electronic digital safe on the digital number panel. This ensure the safe is functional once delivered to designated location.