Reasons to Hire a Professional Piano Mover

The Importance of Hiring a Professional Piano Mover

Moving a piano can be challenging as pianos are rather delicate instruments, despite their size and weight. Moving them without proper care and attention can harm the instrument’s internal workings. If you are planning to move, hiring a qualified piano mover will ensure your piano’s and your house’s protection during the transfer. Having said that here are four good reasons to work with a pro:

1. They are capable of handling weights safely

Pianos’ weight and size variations make them rather large; even a smaller upright piano is difficult to handle. The piano’s interior cast iron components often make it so heavy. The solid wood construction of the soundboard and piano case also influences the weight of the instrument.

It’s risky to move a big piano by yourself. Even with numerous people to assist, trying to pick it up could result in a back injury or a muscle tear. Instead of risking your physical health and safety, you should hire a qualified piano mover. Expert piano movers do not simply lift the pianos. They employ professional tools like trolleys to relocate your piano to its proper location safely. They also have extensive experience moving huge pianos without harming the instrument or scratching your house in the process.

2. They will take special care of your piano

Professional piano movers have the knowledge and aptitude needed to handle and move a piano. A professional mover can provide the care that your musical instrument needs at each stage of the moving process.

For instance, if they need to gently disassemble your piano without damaging the accessories, they can do so. Moving a piano through challenging terrain, such as up or down a stairway or flight of stairs, will also require careful handling. Professional movers can reassemble your musical instrument once it has been delivered to the new site and ensure it performs as needed.


3. They have the right moving equipment

Professional piano movers have the right equipment and vehicles to safely carry your piano to the intended location. For instance, professional movers will arrive with gear like a piano board and a dolly to safely move a piano from a building to the truck.

Professional piano movers also use specialised vehicles made to transport large pianos. These trucks have padding that minimises the impact and ensures the security of your piano while it is being transported. If you decide to move a piano by yourself, achieving this kind of safety is impossible.


4. Professional movers can prevent damages

Moving pianos from one place to the next is difficult and heavy. If you move a piano improperly, damages are very likely to occur. This may result in the piano being bumped or the surrounding area, including the walls, flooring, and doors, being scratched.

Therefore, using a professional piano mover will help you avoid such accidents. These experts manage and make the piano movement safer by using specialised methods and equipment. Hiring professional movers reduces the possibility of house accidents like wall dents or cracks.

Lastly, moving a piano can be a laborious operation if done by a novice. When you consider this priceless musical instrument’s weight, shape, and delicate nature, transporting a piano alone is very dangerous. So you may avoid the hassle and have your piano relocated safely and efficiently, hire a professional piano mover.


A piano is a heavy and often expensive piece of musical equipment. It is also often something that has been passed down from one generation to the next. Therefore, it is important to transport the piano as safely and professionally as possible to retain its pristine state. Have a piano that you need to move to a new house? Get in touch with us for a quick quote!


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